Post Serbia is using MultiSpaces

MultiSpaces as the backbone of parcel locker network in Serbia.

Mar 25, 2022

Serbian Post wants to bring the parcel lockers closer to where people live. The goal is people should not be required to do extra trips just to pick up or return a parcel, so they should have a locker around the corner from where they live.

They have considered several parcel locker options, but with their Drop & Play solution was the answer for their vision. With no electricity or internet connection required, the installation is possible in locations where otherwise would be impossible to install standard, electrically-powered parcel lockers.

Serbian Post is also considering private parcel boxes (D-Spaces) that people can have at home or in their apartment buildings. These services should be available to all residents, not just for people in big cities.

They also see the parcel lockers as a possibility to perform the last mile of the delivery process and the first mile in return flow, which also means saving time, money, and increasing efficiency.

MultiSpace parcel locker solution onboarding for Pošta Srbije team