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Software ecosystem is the real power of A cloud native solution with all interfaces including mobile apps, web portals as well as API integration framework makes it flexible to fit any of your needs.

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Patented data over voice technology Ecosystem

Cloud Native Processing System

Backend system to manage parcels, sites, users and spaces

Encrypted access token generator

Parcel Delivery Tools

Parcel redirect services

Business Portal for parcel management and customer support

Business Mobile App for parcel delivery and pick-ups

Network Management Tools

Business Portal to manage network – sites, permissions, rules and reports

Manager Mobile App to manage spaces in the field – activation, geopositioning, rearranging spaces

Integration Interfaces functionalities available through a public Open API

Mobile app deep-linking

Custom APIs

End users Customer App to handle parcels seamlessly and manage private parcel spaces

IVR Phone Service to handle parcel without an app (or even aithout a smart phone)

Parcel Spaces

A whole range of parcel spaces to adopt to any situation – from single space @home to MultiSpaces as part of public network can be used in any scenario from Out-Of-Home to Home delivery solution

Courier agnostic network of public parcel lockers, 

courier-closed network, 

parcel delivery infrastructure for communities, 

home delivery solution, 

and click&collect solution for eCommerce. Platform

a cloud-native full scale backend to drive the service from D-Space management, user management, parcels, couriers, deliveries, proof of delivery and to communication with D-Spaces

More about Business Portal

manage parcel locker network, couriers, parcels, all users in the process with instant analytics and reports

More about Business Mobile App

parcel business on field – deliveries, returns, parcel pick-ups, parcel scanning

More about Network Management Mobile App

parcel locker management tool – create locations, activate parcel spaces, optimize parcel capacity

More about Customer Mobile App

everything a user needs – from managing private D-Spaces to parcel tracking, pick-ups, returns, drop-off and sharing access to other users

More about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Service

anyone can use without any mobile app, without any registration – just a simple phone call will do – to pick-up a parcel dial a designated phone number and follow the instructions to open D-Space

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Integration interfaces

a complete set of APIs enabling numerous integration possibilities to logistic service providers, e-commerce platforms and other service providers

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Integration options

Integration of various IT systems to optimize and support business processes is a must, especially if you want to do business on a large scale. But does it always need to be a huge, time and money consuming integration project to get to a final result?

In we believe it can be done differently, following AGILE principles.