Click & Collect

(curbside) solution

New contactless reality has caused a shift in demand and consumer behavior.

Rapid growth in eCommerce shopping and delivery capacity insufficiency has caused an increasing demand for spaces, where eCommerce meets the consumer. Here, we come into play by helping you to smooth the shopping experience for the consumer by improving the post-purchase experience.

Click & Collect Solution image

Which possibilities does our solution provide?

A new touchpoint taking place in a new interaction space.
(matching sensory and digital experience through the customer’s mobile phone)

Increase in sales, customer loyalty, customer retention, and lifetime value (CLV).

Shopping ends with an efortless post-purchase experience.

Simplifying returns leads to quicker returns and opportunities to re-sell faster.

Modular design and variety of space options.
(scalable > start small and grow as your business grows)

Decrease in delivery costs.
(cheaper for your clients)

No building permit is needed.
(drop & play feature)

No integration is needed.
(start using your click & collect point in under 5 minutes)

Completely contactless pickup.

24/7 availability of the lockers.

A new feature that other stores do not offer.

Overview of deliveries and returns.

Automatic and instant notifying recipients of their deliveries.

Option to share these D-Spaces with other stores nearby.

Implemented payment module (COD).