to digitalize the library system in Slovenia has just completed the integration of library information system, run by COBISS in Slovenia, with services

Feb 20, 2022

COBISS represents an organizational model of joining libraries into a national library information system with shared cataloguing, the COBIB union bibliographic/catalogue database and local bibliographic databases of participating libraries.

Among other things, it manages library materials (books and other media) through its internal logistics. Users can order materials online and receive it at their chosen location, regardless if the material is actually already there or it is transferred from where it's available.

With the integration of, customers will now have an option to receive and  return  materials  24/7  via  installed  smart  lockers  at library locations. system will not only provide the customers with a 24/7 pick up  and  return  convenience  but  all  necessary information to the library systems, such as customer ID, time picked up, time returned, etc.

After 3 months of work, integration has been completed and the one-month pilot test starts live in February 2022, as well as the operations in 15 selected libraries. 

Cobiss image