Public network

Living in a time where everybody is busy and working all the time, having a public network with arrays of parcel lockers open for everybody is an option that offers not only the solution to the challenges of modern-day life but also a greener option for the environment we live in. can be used as an open – courier agnostic network or as a closed proprietary network of the delivery company. Or even a combination of both.

Public network image

What challenges does our solution address?

24/7 delivery, every day of the week.

Additional capacities for Out-Of-Home delivery infrastructure, which are required by eCommerce rapid growth and user demands.

Delivery optimization – multiple drop-offs and multiple pickups in one stop.

First delivery attempt is always successful.

No need for coordination between the couriers and recipients.

Simple and fast installation, no special requirements to set up a MultiSpace location.

Probably the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

The public network can be extended to multi-family homes, apartment buildings, or even office buildings.

Public network trends image

Trends in the industry

High-density network of parcel lockers, within walking distance of everyone. Sustainable, green solution with a lower carbon footprint on the environment.

  • Lean lockers enable fast and efficient spreading of the parcel locker infrastructure.
  • Contactless delivery.
    (safe for everyone)
  • Saving time and money for the business.
    (last mile delivery is the biggest cost for all logistic providers)
  • Compact parcel station.
    (13 – 27 parcel lockers in one Lean Locker and scalable; D-Spaces can also be stacked to create a parcel hub on frequent locations)