Smart parcel spaces

from Out-Of-Home to Home delivery

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  • Package No more missed deliveries.
  • Data over voiceNo Contact handovers.
  • Payment Payment at pickup.
  • Battery 24/7 delivery.
  • Data over voice 24/7 pickup.

Out-of-Home stretched to Home delivery – one solution does it all.

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No external power required.

Battery-powered lean parcel lockers can be placed virtually anywhere, with no infrastructure required. Energy efficiency by design can be further extended with optional solar panels to provide years-long operations.

Setup in minutes. parcel spaces can be either placed on a firm ground, mounted on the wall, or installed in stands. Limitless possibilities to adapt to any situation. Deliveries can start immediately after installation.

Accessible to anyone with a phone number.

Any mobile phone can be used to pick up or drop a parcel – with or without a mobile app. A single phone call or a mobile app will do the job.

MANY OPTIONS of stackable spaces to fit customers’ needs.


Start small. Go BIG.

Optimize your last-mile logistics with D-Spaces, no integration is required.
Start deliveries instantly, no IT integration is required.

Get your delivery network up and running in a matter of minutes.

Ecosystem sound icon Sound
Ecosystem digital doken icon Digital token
Ecosystem phone number icon Phone number
Ecosystem access key icon Access key

Patented data over voice technology Ecosystem

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Cloud Native Processing System

Backend system to manage parcels, sites, users, and spaces

Encrypted access token generator

Parcel Delivery Tools

Parcel redirect services

Business Portal for parcel management and customer support

Business Mobile App for parcel delivery and pick-ups

Network Management Tools

Business Portal to manage network – sites, permissions, rules, and reports

Manager Mobile App to manage spaces in the field – activation, geopositioning, rearranging spaces

Integration Interfaces functionalities are available through a public Open API

Mobile app deep-linking

Custom APIs

End users Customer App to handle parcels seamlessly and manage private parcel spaces

IVR Phone Service to handle parcels without an app (or even without a smartphone)

Parcel Spaces

A whole range of parcel spaces to adapt to any situation – from single space @home to MultiSpaces as part of a public network

The possibilities are LIMITLESS.

Delivery services
Delivery services
Small and medium companies
Small and medium companies

We have all the touch points COVERED.

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Patented Access Technology

  • Anyone can pick-up a parcel – with or without mobile app, with or without an account.
  • Patented Data–Over–Voice (DoV) technology packs a one-time digital token to open D-Space in a sound sequence, which can be served either through mobile app or via regular phone call.
  • NFC and Bluetooth also supported.

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Any courier, any eCommerce - with or without integration

  • Couriers and logistic companies, virtually anyone can deliver to private D-Spaces using ”anyone can deliver” method. Simply scan QR code on D-Space and if the locker is free initiate delivery process. No dedicated mobile app or other devices are required.
  • eCommerce using D-Spaces as a Click&Collect solution can start using immediately, with no integration needed. All tools from Business Portal to the Business Mobile app are ready-made and come with D-Spaces.
  • Integration via APIs to optimize processes, especially when number of parcels, couriers and D-Spaces grow. Even integration can be done gradually as the need grows. Integrated with your IT systems brings additional benefits like reservation of spaces, full parcel traceability as well as reporting and analytics.

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Igor Jakovljević, CEO, DPD Croatia and DPD Slovenia

"DPD Croatia and Slovenia use an open courier-agnostic network of parcel lockers and private boxes for home deliveries and for out-of-home deliveries. This technologically advanced solution that provides consignees flexibility and convenience greatly supports last-mile parcel delivery in both countries. The network of self-service parcel lockers enables our consignees to quickly and discreetly pick up their parcels 24/7, wherever and whenever it suits them best."

Post of Serbia

"Unattended delivery is the key in last-mile delivery transformation to follow the requirements of parcel volume growth. Pošta Srbije is deploying lean parcel lockers throughout Serbia, to create a high density network and enable our customers to receive parcels where it is most convenient for them. Simple to use and install along with full feature software package is biggest advantage."

Rudolf Gartner, CEO, Express One SI (Post Austria Group)

"Convenient and flexible 24/7 parcel pickup possibilities for the recipients are the goal of Express one as quality leader. Meantime we offer, together with - courier-agonsitc network of parcel lockers in public spaces as well as private home parcel lockers – our pick-up and drop-off service on various locations throughout Slovenia. The soultion is simple for the couriers, convenient for the recipients and contributes to the sustainable parcel delivery - the reduction of our a carbon footprint."

Igor Salopek, CEO, PowerMode

"It all started by ordering one D-Space for testing purposes. Now, PowerMode is a partner in Slovakia and the Czech Republic developing a new, digital infrastructure for last-mile parcel delivery. flexible technology enables us to set new business models such as »parcel locker as a service« and gain a unique competitive advantage. It is exciting to participate in last-mile industry (r)evoultion!"

Aleš Klemen, MA, Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana

"At the city Library we now have a network of several parcel pick-up points in urban areas. Cooperation with is exemplary, all problems are solved quickly, proposals for improvement are regularly reviewed and most of them are implemented in a very short time. We look forward to further cooperation."


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