A cloud-native processing system is the foundation of, supporting all processes within

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Access keys

Distributing access keys to use the parcel spaces. For each opening of any D-Space, a temporary (one-time) key in a form of a token is generated, valid for a limited time, and distributed in a required form to be used via Data-Over-Voice (sound token), NFC, or Bluetooth.

Cryptographic protection image

Cryptographic protection

Each access key or token is encrypted using strong public-private key cryptography.

Maintaining and tracking the database of all parcel transactions image

Maintaining and tracking the database of all parcel transactions

Each parcel event is recorded providing full traceability throughout the parcel life-cycle – from creation when directed to through courier delivery, customer pick-up, potential retrieval by courier, or return by the customer.

Managing D-Spaces image

Managing D-Spaces throughout their lifecycle parcel spaces have a full lifecycle record from the moment of production, testing, and release to the market, through use in various situations in its lifetime (i.e. home, community, click&collect, public network). platform also manages parcel locations where D-Spaces are used as well as every event.

Managing users image

Managing users on all levels

Various types and roles of users are supported in the ecosystem to enable various processes and types of use; administrator within each company, manager, handler (courier), parcel locker network maintenance, and reports are just some of them.

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