Direct4.me D-Spaces use a special set of technologies to bring a unique solution with numerous benefits.

Powerful without external power supply.

Smart without internet connection.

Any mobile phone can be used to pick up a parcel.

Standalone or integrated solution.

Flexible to any use case.

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Secure opening

Direct4.me is using an OTP (One-Time-Password or One-Time-Key) generator in the backend, which is synchronized with the smart lock in our D-Spaces.

When any user requests a key to open D-Space, a One-Time-key is generated in the backend, encrypted, and prepared to be sent via a selected proximity channel (Data Over Voice, NFC, Bluetooth). On the side of D-Space, the key is decrypted and verified. In case key matches, D-Space will open.

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  • Grant access The user's phone is granted access to Space.
  • Grant token User's phone obtains the right to the unique digital token.
  • Embed token A digital token is embedded into sound to form a so-called Sound Key.
  • Deliver Sound Key Sound Key is delivered to Space via phone's speaker to Space's microphone.

Patented Data Over Voice

Direct4.me native ways to distribute one-time-keys to open D-Spaces is sound. The key is modulated in sound, encrypted, and can be sent:

Via data (internet) channel to mobile app or website

D-Space opening is triggered by the request to the Direct4.me Platform to generate a one-time key sent by either the mobile app or website. It is modulated in a sound file, encrypted, and sent as a voice file to the mobile app or website, where it is played toward a smart lock on D-Space, which will detect the key and initiate D-Space opening if keys are matching.

Through a regular phone call

On establishing a voice call to the Direct4.me Platform, a one-time key in the form of voice (sound) signals are sent to the smart lock on D-Space through the customer's mobile phone. The smart lock detects the key and initiates the opening process if the keys are matching.
The customer’s phone thus serves as a communication device between the Direct4.me Platform and D-Space. They communicate in the same manner as people do – using speech and a mobile phone.

Data-Over-Voice is a patented technology proven in other industries like mobile payments, mobile wallets, mobile loyalty, and public transport ticketing systems with over 1.8 billion transactions.

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Bluetooth and NFC

One-Time-Keys can be distributed via Bluetooth or NFC as well.

The principle of One-Time-Key verification is always the same, only the proximity channel differs. To use Bluetooth or NFC the use of a mobile app and user registration is essential.

Power saving architecture

All Direct4.me D-Spaces are battery operated, which creates numerous advantages of installing parcel lockers. No special preparation is required.

Direct4.me D-Space architecture is focused on energy saving; the smart lock is in sleep mode throughout the time and only wakes up when the proximity sensor detects a user attempting to open D-Space. ePaper display is also a very efficient solution as it requires power only to refresh the screen.

The power-saving architecture enables up to two years of operations for D-Spaces and up to five years for MultiSpaces.

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Cloud native Software Ecosystem

Cloud Native Software Ecosystem is the real power of Direct4.me with all interfaces including mobile apps, and web portals as well as an API integration framework, which makes it flexible to fit any of your needs.

Direct4.me can be used in any scenario from Out-Of-Home to Home delivery solution; courier agnostic network of public parcel lockers, courier-closed network, parcel delivery infrastructure for communities, home delivery solution, and click&collect solution for eCommerce. In addition, it can be used completely standalone or fully integrated into your IT system, or even partially in any combination.