is an experience

It is an ease, convenience, and an answer to the modern pace of life. It is hardware-enabled software as a service, which can be used for every delivery out there – be it Out of Home or Home.

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The consistent focus on convenience for our customers and end users always drives us toward innovation, outstanding performance, and development, which then shows in all our products – hardware and software solutions.

Our vision is building a simple, easy-to-use, stackable, and innovative Parcel Locker Ecosystem. 

Stretching possibilities

We complete e-shopping journeys ​ by helping businesses make parcel, goods, and grocery ​ handover easier!

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Design. Product development. Tech & product validation.

2019 - 2020 was born out of a simple desire to make delivery easier and faster for everyone.

The idea was to avoid missed deliveries, agreements with couriers, additional visits to Post offices, or packages left on the thresholds.

Our patented Data-Over-Voice technology which was already used for building smart cities was something that we used in the first batch of Home Spaces, and since then the solution evolved into a formula that can be used by logistic providers, retailers, multi-apartment buildings, Homeowners and other consumers that are looking to simplify and optimize delivery processes.

Striving to optimize the solution to reduce carbon footprint in the first and last mile, together with our partners we are always on the hunt for customers' convenience while lowering operation costs.

By now, our Parcel Spaces are already used in many European countries and worldwide.

Company growth. One solution does it all. 

2021 - 2022

OOH stretched to Home delivery and everything in between connects all stakeholders, including online stores, consumers, and logistics providers by enabling a handover of goods using parcel spaces (lockers) most conveniently, including digital proof of delivery and pickup. This highly flexible solution can be used as an open courier-agnostic parcel locker network, a proprietary locker network, a click and collect point, and even a private unattended home delivery locker. With such a varied product line, offers its customers a full range of services, providing a unified user experience for everyone. This means the delivery process for public and home lockers is the same. Ecosystem offers all vital services and solutions – parcel delivery and pickup, returns, shipping parcels from lockers, and support for cash-on-delivery shipments. Recipients can retrieve parcels themselves or authorize someone else to pick up the parcel for them. Home parcel spaces offer even more. A private locker can be shared with relatives or friends and used for theexchange of goods using ‘open delivery’, a delivery process that can be used by anyone. Aside from logistics, lockers are perfect for click and collect for shops and even libraries, where spaces are used to exchange books and other library items. 

Patented data-over-voice technology adds a feature never seen in the parcel locker industry before – any cell phone can be used to access the locker. While the mobile app allows users to manage their parcels, lockers and so much more, there is no need to download the mobile app and create an account to just retrieve the parcel from the locker. Direct4. me lockers also support NFC and Bluetooth to unlock the lockers. 

Because there are no communication or electricity costs, we offer more than 50% lower total cost of ownership for our partners.

Providing the option for unattended or out-of-home (OOH) delivery is crucial to meet customer demands, increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with missed deliveries.

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What's next? 2023 -

We are looking to the future

Unattended parcel delivery is the future of last-mile logistics; the high density of parcel lockers makes it sustainable and ready to support the future growth of eCommerce and increase customer convenience. is answering the challenges of the last-mile industry and will accompany delivery companies in their transition from OOH to unattended delivery in an efficient way.

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What we do?

Technology image Technology Software Technology is easy to use and intuitive. The team of developers supports our clients by ensuring it is always up to date and tailored to their needs.

Parcel spaces image Parcel Spaces

The team behind our parcel Spaces is focused on constant development, quality, and an eye-catching design that is both unique and energy efficient at the same time.

Client Service image Client Service team helps you with second-line support to open the Space and deliver or retrieve the parcel, to updating the software, and doing maintenance on your parcel locker network. We help you set up the location, educate you about utilizing our ecosystem, and everything in between.

Igor Jakovljević, CEO, DPD Croatia and DPD Slovenia

"DPD Croatia and Slovenia use an open courier-agnostic network of parcel lockers and private boxes for home deliveries and for out-of-home deliveries. This technologically advanced solution that provides consignees flexibility and convenience greatly supports last-mile parcel delivery in both countries. The network of self-service parcel lockers enables our consignees to quickly and discreetly pick up their parcels 24/7, wherever and whenever it suits them best."

Post of Serbia

"Unattended delivery is the key in last-mile delivery transformation to follow the requirements of parcel volume growth. Pošta Srbije is deploying lean parcel lockers throughout Serbia, to create a high density network and enable our customers to receive parcels where it is most convenient for them. Simple to use and install along with full feature software package is biggest advantage."

Rudolf Gartner, CEO, Express One SI (Post Austria Group)

"Convenient and flexible 24/7 parcel pickup possibilities for the recipients are the goal of Express one as quality leader. Meantime we offer, together with - courier-agonsitc network of parcel lockers in public spaces as well as private home parcel lockers – our pick-up and drop-off service on various locations throughout Slovenia. The soultion is simple for the couriers, convenient for the recipients and contributes to the sustainable parcel delivery - the reduction of our a carbon footprint."

Igor Salopek, CEO, PowerMode

"It all started by ordering one D-Space for testing purposes. Now, PowerMode is a partner in Slovakia and the Czech Republic developing a new, digital infrastructure for last-mile parcel delivery. flexible technology enables us to set new business models such as »parcel locker as a service« and gain a unique competitive advantage. It is exciting to participate in last-mile industry (r)evoultion!"

Aleš Klemen, MA, Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana

"At the city Library we now have a network of several parcel pick-up points in urban areas. Cooperation with is exemplary, all problems are solved quickly, proposals for improvement are regularly reviewed and most of them are implemented in a very short time. We look forward to further cooperation."

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  • Designed for purpose (Out-Of-Home or Home)
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  • Technology stretching way beyond locker
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