Business Mobile App

A Mobile App version of Business Management Portal supporting all activities related to spaces – deliveries, drop-offs, pick-ups. The mobile interface serves as a single interaction point for all business users.

Manage parcels

Create and track parcels in one place.

Up for grabs

Accept available parcels at any time.

Deliver to Spaces

Without ever talking to the recipient.

Assign to Handlers

Assign the parcel to the right Handler.

Parcels image


Create parcels, assign to couriers, open D-Spaces, deliver parcels, capture proof of delivery, request a bigger parcel space in case the package doesn’t fit, or retrieve parcels not picked up by recipients. Various scenarios are supported for efficient parcel handling.

Magic Scan image

Magic Scan

Scan the parcel label and deliver – the most native process in the last-mile industry. Business Mobile App supports the scanning of standard barcodes, QR codes, and AZTEC codes to speed up the delivery process and save time to courier.

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When deploying the system, the portal is localized to a specific language of the country.

Embed image

Embed Business Mobile App can be embedded in your existing courier/driver app using deep linking technology. An efficient way to include delivery to parcel spaces in your existing delivery app.

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All major platforms

Available for IOS, Android, and HarmonyOS.

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