starts deployment in Slovakia

Last year, at Smart City Conference in Umag, Croatia, signed a contract with Power Mode S.r.l. from Bratislava, to be a dealer partner in Slovakia.

Feb 2, 2022

Power Mode is a progressive company focused on digitalization and smart city solutions (from smart park benches to automated street parking). In the interview with Forbes Magazine CEO Igor Salopek said, that is perfect for the company's product lineup, and expects great success in the country.

Power Mode plans to build an open delivery network with Multispace units first in Bratislava, but later also all around Slovakia. 

Outside of the public network, the area where Power mode sees great potential are the individual home parcel boxes. For this segment, they have created an online shop together with the retail-targeted website.
Another segment they see as potentially prosperous are Click & Collect points for e- commerce, where an online retailer can create a physical location, as well as for the regular retail stores, which want to extend their operating hours or establish contactless deliveries. has developed a line of products for Click & Collect points, with larger D-Spaces than the standard public Multispace units. These can accommodate diverse products, from small appliances to a 20-liter bucket of paint.

Power Mode expects to deploy at least 15,000 D-Spaces in 2022, in different configurations, from individual home D-Spaces to public Multispace locations. Shipments and installations have already begun as of January 2022.

Summer well spent – Power Mode and teams in Croatia at the Smart City Conference & Expo