as Click and Collect solution as the perfect Click and Collect solution for Curbside

Apr 20, 2021 as the perfect Click and Collect solution for Curbside

The popularity of curbside pickup services, or curbside click and collect services, has grown in recent years, particularly in the US market. Covid-19 has seen many retailers favour this initiative as it offers a fast, contactless and easy way for consumers to pick up online orders. While the service has been particularly useful during the downturn, it has also given millions of shoppers a convenient channel that they may not want to give up, even as restrictions ease. It puts consumers in control by allowing them to pick up goods at a time that is convenient for them. By enticing customers into the store, it also gives them the opportunity to further interact with the brand.

But waiting in a queue at an online pick-up or click and collect counter poses a risk to consumers and employees. introduces a safe delivery point for customers and couriers or employees. spaces allow retailers to set up a fully automated click and collect point outside their store. The spaces are powered by batteries and require no external power supply. While the spaces transmit data via selected channels, they do not require a built-in communication device (e.g., a SIM card, Wi-Fi etc.). Instead, the smart lock uses the connectivity of the user's phone to transmit the required user authentication information of the users to the backend system. Users can securely unlock spaces with any phone - smart or feature phone and they can use it without any registration.

Why should retailers invest in improving curbside pickup with spaces? spaces combine the convenience of online shopping and the convenience of local pick up. While it’s a great solution for consumers, it’s even better for retailers who can use to increase their network, increment revenue and brand affinity. As a digital platform, serves to manage and distribute sound keys for unlocking spaces, provides traceability for packages and reduces damage to packages during delivery.  

Merkur Click and Collect locations

In order to have the best possible experience both online and in-store,  Merkur decided to set up spaces outside its supermarkets. The spaces allow customers to pick up orders purchased from the online store without entering the supermarket. was the best choice for Merkur as designing and building a Click & Collect infrastructure from scratch is costly and resource intensive, often requiring investment in specialised hardware for implementation., on the other hand, is an easy-to-implement drop-and-play solution that primarily improves ROI for Merkur as a business and ensures a contactless, secure experience for customers.

Click and Collect curbside point in front of Merkur shopping center