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Frequently Asked Questions

When opening the Direct4.me D-box, the phone must be close enough to the lock to awake it. A flashing green light on the lock itself tells us wether the box is awake. If, despite the approach of the phone, it does not wake up, try to awake it by tapping the sensor with your finger. If the lock is awaken in this way, the sensor must be recalibrated.

If the lock does not awake by taping with finger, it could be that the batteries may be discharged or that the Direct4.me D-box is mechanically defected. To unlock D-box read the answer on "The mailbox does not respond" question. In case of mechanical failure contact customer support at info@direct4.me.

Please contact the shop where you ordered the product for any shipping inconvenience. You can also see the sender's name in the Direct4.me mobile application or on the www.direct4.me portal in the description of the shipment itself.

For damaged shipments, please contact the shipping company that delivered the package. You can also see the name of the shipping company in the Direct4.me mobile application or on the www.direct4.me portal in the description of the shipment itself.

Batteries should be replaced when a battery symbolappears on the display to indicate that batteries will need to be replaced in the near future. Replace the batteries before they are completely discharged. The batteries are located on the inside of the electronics. First, unlock the drawer, remove the battery cover and replace it. The drawer operates on standard AA batteries.  

Battery replacement process:

  1. Unscrew the battery cover
  2. Remove the battery cover
  3. Remove old batteries
  4. Insert new batteries - watch for polarity
  5. Insert and tighten the battery cover

If the batteries are discharged to such an extent that the drawer can no longer be opened, indicating the crossed-out battery symbol on the screen, the Direct4.me D-box must be opened using external power. To do this, attach a 9V 6LR61 battery to the metal pins located on the front of the electronics. The polarity of the connection does not matter. Hold the battery so long that it provides enough power to the electronics to unlock the lock in the traditional way (with the phone) and replace the batteries.

After each use the Direct4.me D-box automatically switches into state of inactivity in which the lock "sleeps" and does not consume energy. With average usage, the drawer should last 2 years.

In the event that the drawer cannot be locked, check if an object is stuck in the lock or if the lock is otherwise obstructed. In case of failure, please contact customer support at info@direct4.me.

Opening the drawer is not limited to smartphones. Only administration (authorization, management of your own mailbox) is restricted to users with a smartphone.

The ordering process depends on the delivery company that will deliver the package, but usually you can redirect package to Direct4.me D-box within the SMS or e-mail received from the delivery company. If the online store is connected to Direct4.me, it is possible to order the package directly in the box at the time of ordering.

Symbol on the screen Explanation Solution
Confirmation code or the box ID code Successful transaction. If the courier is delivering, they must scan the newly generated comfirmation code.
E1 Unrecognizable toke. Terminal cannot decypher the token. Repeat with a new transaction.
E2 Invalid time frame. Token has expired (too old). Repeat with a new toke. If the error persists, the box terminal must be checked.
E3 Lock defective. The box cannot be unlocked due to a mechanical problem with the lock. Electronic lock did not open. Possible causes:
  • Something is constraining the box (physically holding the cover down - package, hand, ...)
  • Low voltage of the batteries
  • The lock is damaged
E4 Wrong box ID. Token not assigned for this box (for this reservation). Wrong box – Select a token for this box or verify the reservation.
E5 Battery voltage too low. Box cannot be opened. Battery status too low – Replace the batteries. To open the box, use the external power supply.
E6 CRC error. Communication error. Try again.
E7 Wrong command. Repeat with a new token.
E8 Calibration error. Calibration was not successful. Repeat with a new token.
E9 RTC setup error. Repeat with a new token.
E10 Unlocking failed. Replace the batteries. If the error persist, a CPU reset is required.

To add an authorization in the app, go to the page of your private box that you own. In the bottom right corner click the Menu icon and select the option "Add box authorization". To add the authorization, click the button "Add" in the top right corner. if you enabled the access to the phone list, you can choose the person by clicking their name in the list. If the contact is not on the list, you can enter the phone number in the search field and click "Invite unknown contact". In the screen of Invite a friend you can edit the name, verify the phone number and set the type of access permission. If you choose a temporary access, you must select the start and end date for the access. After you completed this procedure, you should see the screen confirming the notification was sent successfully. In the menu Friends with Access you will now have an overview of all access permissions to your box. If you wish to remove the authorization, click on the contact name and select the option "Remove". After the successful removal you will receive a confirmation notification.

To add a private box, open the app and the screen "Add a box" will open. Here you will have two options - add a private box or add a public box. In our case we select a private box and then click on the QR code icon. The app will activate the camera with which you scan the QR code displayed on the screen of your box. If you do not wish to scan the QR code, you can select a manual code entry, which is displayed next to the QR code on the screen of the box. After you scanned or entered the code you must click the green button "Play sound token". The app will play the sound token and you should place the phone close to the box's microphone. Now you name the box and the activation was successful. Now the last thing needed is a basic setup. In the next step, you can photograph the box (so it will show it's location) and enter additional instructions for delivery persons. We especially recommend this to users who may have the box in a less visible location, as it will help the delivery persons to locate the box. After you photographed the box and entered instructions click the button "Next". Now the address for the box must be added. Be sure to select the exact address from the drop down menu of the field Street. After the address has been entered, the location will appear on the map. Click "Next". Your private box has been successfully added!

To open the box, go to the home screen in the app and by sliding left, find the box you want to open. When you find your box, click the button "Unlock". The sound token to unlock the box will start playing. Position your phone on the microphone of the box, as shown on the screen.

To add a public box, open the app and in the top left corner click the icon for Side menu. On the side menu's bottom select option "Add box". On the screen for adding the box slide down and choose a locker close to you and click the button "Add". You can also search for locker location by location name or find it on a map. Enlarge the map and click the location marker, which will show additional information about the locker and its location. If you wish to add the box to your list, click the button "Add to my lockers". After the box is added, the location marker will change the color and become orange. On your locker list you can also remove a locker by clicking the grey button "Remove". Public lockers are listed on your lockers list. When there is a package for you in the public locker, the button on the bottom of the screen will change to "Unlocked".

When you send an authorization to use the box to a person that does not have a Direct4.me user ID, they will receive a SMS message. The message will contain a mobile phone number that needs to be called in order to use the box. While making a call, the person needs to activate the speaker on the phone and follow the instructions played by the system. After that, they have to open the keyboard on the phone and enter a 6-digit number displayed on the box's screen, followed by the # sign. This will trigger the sound token and the phone must now be positioned close to the microphone on the box.

If you have any problems with our box, you can submit a form to our support.

If you have problems with the shipment itself (damage, wrong shipment, delay, etc.), contact the delivery company or online store where you purchased your items.

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