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The user account can be created in the mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android users or from the App Store for iOS devices. The user account can be created also on the web portal which can be accessed here www.u.direct4.me

No, the use of Direct4.me is not limited only to registered users. Non-registered users can retrieve their packages from the public lockers through the call center by dialing a number that was sent in the SMS message confirming the delivery of the parcel. It is worth noting though, that the user experience is better and easier by using the Direct4.me mobile app.

You just simply add the locker to your account in the mobile app:

  • In the app's main menu select the button »Add locker«.
  • Select »Scan QR code«.
  • With the camera of your phone, scan the QR code shown on the screen.
  • Enter the photo of installed locker and its location information.
  • Bravo! With this, your new locker has been successfully added and it's now ready to use.

The change of ownership requires that the locker is first removed from your account.

This is done in the mobile app as follows:

  • Find the locker to be removed and in the bottom right corner select the button »Edit«
  • Select »Remove locker« and confirm by clicking »Remove«.
  • Play the removal voice token to the locker’s mic. The procedure is identical to the unlocking of the locker.
  • After the voice token has been successfully received by the locker, a new QR code will be displayed on the screen of the box. Click the scan button on the bottom of the phone and scan the QR code. The locker has been removed.

The locker is now ready to be added to the new owner's account.

On the selected locker in the app, in the bottom left corner of the screen click the icon of the parcel with the word »private«, which will open the module where you can set the permissions for other users./p>

The phone number of any user can be authorized, regardless if the person is a registered user of Direct4.me or not. Registered user will receive the notification and the access to the locker by push notification in their mobile app. Non-registered users receive a SMS notification with instructions how to open the locker.

The authorized person will have access to the locker when it's empty or when there is a parcel delivered and addressed to their phone number. Person scan be authorized also on the web portal of Direct4.me.

Yes, both the app and web portal support authorizations for limited and unlimited time

An authorization can also be linked to a specific parcel, meaning that for your packages that you cannot retrieve yourself, you can authorize another person to pick them up for you. In such a case, the authorized person receives the single access key enabling them to retrieve your package. You will receive a notification in your app weather the package was retrieved successfully or not. The authorization for a specific package can be set in the app on the package itself.

Currently the Direct4.me lockers support two modes of deliveries:

Delivery by the Post Slovenia:

This parcels must be first redirected to Direct4.me system. After receiving the package from the sender, the Post will inform you through SMS or email that they will deliver your package in the next few days. With this notification they also send a link to several options how to redirect the package, one of them being Direct4.m4. You can either login with your Direct4.me user account or continue as a non-registered guest. Registered users can then select either a public or a private locker (if they own one) and guest users can select only among the public lockers network in Slovenia. After the locker has been selected, the package is sent to that locker and you will receive a notification after the package has been delivered to the locker (either through SMS or push notification in the app). You will have 72 hours to retrieve the package from the Direct4.me locker and after that, additional 5 days to pick-up the package back at the Post office.

Delivery by anybody else

If you are receiving a package from any other delivery company, or maybe a friend is returning a book and you want a contactless delivery, the process is fairly easy:

  • Delivery person scans a QR code displayed on the screen of the locker and is redirected to the special website dedicated for locker opening
  • Enters optional data about the package and the recipient
  • Selects »Open Locker«
  • Plays the voice token to the box's mic, which opens the locker
  • Owner of the locker (or authorized user) is notified that the package was delivered.

Instructions label for the delivery person about how to open the locker is included with the locker package and may be affixed to the locker if desired.

The locker can be opened with the app, but also without it. Here we would like to stress that this process is much easier and smoother with the use of the mobile app Direct4.me. If the locker is in the private use (and you are either an owner or an authorized user) you can always open the locker unless there is a package inside addressed to a different person. You can open the public locker only when there is a package there addressed to you. The locker can be opened with the use of the sound token, silent token or the NFC key. You select the appropriate method in the mobile app settings.

Opening with the mobile app

First find the locker you want to open on the main screen of the mobile app. The name of the locker is on top of the screen. When you click the button »Open« the phone starts playing the voice token or it starts the NFC unlocking, depends on the setting selected in the app. Next you move the phone in a vertical position close to the lock until the green light starts blinking. If your setting is for voice token, you must near the front of the phone, where your speaker is located. For NFC, you use the back of the phone, where the NFC module is located. After a few moments, the locker door will open and will transmit a short sound signal as well.

Opening without the mobile app

Users without the mobile app or non-registered users can open the locker by calling an automated phone center. First dial the center number at (+386) 18280123 and then identify the locker by entering its number, displayed on the screen of the locker. If the phone you are using is authorized to open this locker, the system will automatically start playing the voice token command to unlock the locker. We suggest that you have a speaker on while making this call.

In the mobile app or on the web portal of Direct4.me find the package you want to authorize for, by clicking the button “Authorize” or “Authorize a friend for pickup” if you have the Package Detail page opened. This button will take you to the list of your contacts. You simply select anybody from that list or, you can manually enter the phone number you want to authorize. You can also authorize and unknown phone number, which doesn’t exist in your phone list.

A registered user will receive a notification about the authorization by a push notification in their Direct4.me mobile app. Non-registered user will receive a SMS notification to their mobile phone, together with instructions for how to retrieve the package. The authorization is valid only for this specific package and will automatically expire when the person retrieves the package from the locker. You may also cancel the authorization by clicking the button »Remove authorization«

To retrieve a package from a Direct4.me locker you don't need a smart phone or the mobile app. You can find the instructions for this under the question »How do I open a locker«

However, you will need a smart phone and the mobile app to activate your locker and manage it (for example set permissions, add users etc.)


The use of the private locker is limited only to the locker owner and the persons authorized by the owner to use the locker. Private box has a maximum set of functionalities and offers the most comfort, as it's installed at your doorstep, unlike the public locker.


Public lockers are available to all Direct4.me users where they can receive their packages. The list of all public lockers is available in the app and displayed on the map as well.

Delivery to the public lockers is at this time limited only for parcels delivered by licensed courier services (such as Post Slovenia). Delivery of other types of packages, regardless of who is a delivering them, is suitable only for private lockers.

Direct4.me mission is to enable deliveries to your doorsteps. If you have an issue with the package, either due to damages or being a wrong item or being late etc. please contact the delivery company or the web store and follow their claims procedure. The sender's name and the delivery company are listed on the shipment detail in the mobile app and on the web portal of DIrect4.me.

Lockers are designed in a way that the lock automatically goes to “sleep” after each use and is therefore not using any power. With a normal use, the locker will function with one set of AA batteries for about 2 years.

The batteries must be changed when the box’s screen shows the symbol for the empty battery, , indicating that the batteries have to be changed shortly. You must change the batteries until they reach an empty state. Batteries are located under the plastic cover on the electronic lock assembly on the inside of the locker. The locker is using standard AA batteries.

Process to change the batteries:

  • Unscrew the battery cover
  • Remove the cover
  • Take out the used batteries
  • Insert new batteries. Pay attention to polarity +/-
  • Attach the cover and secure with screws

If the batteries are empty to the point that the locker cannot be opened anymore, there will be a symbol of a crossed-out battery displayed on the locker's screen. In such case, you will need an outside source of power. This is accomplished by using a 9V battery type 6LR61 that you attach to the two metal pins located on the electronics panel just above the speaker. The polarity of the battery (+/-) is not important. Hold the battery connected for some time until it generates enough charge for the lock to open in a regular way with your phone. After that, change the batteries.

If the batteries are empty to the point that the locker cannot be opened anymore, there will be a symbol of a crossed-out battery displayed on the locker's screen. In such case, you will need an outside source of power. This is accomplished by using a 9V battery type 6LR61 that you attach to the two metal pins located on the electronics panel just above the speaker. The polarity of the battery (+/-) is not important. Hold the battery connected for some time until it generates enough charge for the lock to open in a regular way with your phone. After that, change the batteries.

Symbol on screen Explanation Solution
Confirmation code or the box ID code Successful transaction If the courier is delivering, they must scan the newly generated comfirmation code
E1 Locker did not decode the voice token Voice token was not successfully decoded. Try to open the locker again
E2 Token not matching its time frame. Token has expired. Repeat with a new token. If the error persists, the locker must be reset by using the reset token.
E3 Lock problem. Locker cannot be opened due to the mechanical problem with the lock. Electronic lock did not successfully open. The reasons could be:
  • Something is physically blocking the lid (a hand, a parcel…)
  • Battery charge too low
  • Lock is damaged
E4 Locker ID is wrong The token is not assigned to this locker (or to this reservation). Check that you are opening a correct locker or that the reservation is active.
E5 Low battery charge. The locker cannot be opened. Batteries must be changed. To open the locker, use the outside source of power.
E6 CRC error Error in communication. Try again.
E7 Wrong command Retry with a new token.
E8 Calibration error The calibration was not performed successfully. Retry the process with a new token.
E9 Error setting the RTC Retry with a new token
E10 Unlocking not successful Change the batteries. If error persists, the CPU reset is necessary.

In case the locker cannot be locked, check that nothing is stuck in the lock or that there is not some other obstruction impeding the lock. In case of malfunction, please contact the customer support at info@direct4.me.

If you have any problems with our box, you can submit a form to our support.

If you have problems with the shipment itself (damage, wrong shipment, delay, etc.), contact the delivery company or online store where you purchased your items.

Do you have any questions about our products and services? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.