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MultiSpace 27
MultiSpace 17
MultiSpace 13

Various models and compartment sizes.

Autonomously battery operated, extended with solar panels.

Ready in less than 10 minutes.

Digital proof of delivery trace.

DoV, NFC, and Bluetooth supported.


MultiSpace 13
Blueprint image 42
MultiSpace 13

1155 x 1976 x 724 mm 13 compartments, 2 sizes: 6 x S (W x H x D): 124 x 387 x 667 (30 liters) 7 x L (W x H x D): 438 x 387 x 667 (110 liters)

MultiSpace 17
Blueprint image 43
MultiSpace 17

1155 x 1976 x 724 mm 17 compartments, 3 sizes: 9 x S (W x H x D): 124 x 387 x 667 (30 liters) 4 x M (W x H x D): 203 x 387 x 667 (50 liters) 4 x L (W x H x D): 438 x 387 x 667 (110 liters)

MultiSpace 21
Blueprint image 44
MultiSpace 21

1155 x 1976 x 724 mm 21 compartments, 3 sizes: 15 x S (W x H x D): 124 x 387 x 667 (30 liters) 4 x M (W x H x D): 203 x 387 x 667 (50 liters) 2 x L (W x H x D): 438 x 387 x 667 (110 liters)

MultiSpace 27
Blueprint image 45
MultiSpace 27

1155 x 1976 x 724 mm 27 compartments, 1 size: 124 x 387 x 667 mm (30 liters)

Standard MultiSpace features


Durable zinc-protected pre-painted galvanized sheet metal
Roof material Polycarbonate


MultiSpace (W x H x D): 1155 x 1976 x 724 mm

Compartments dimensions

S (W x H x D): 124 x 387 x 667 (30 liters)
M (W x H x D): 203 x 387 x 667 (50 liters)
L (W x H x D): 438 x 387 x 667 (110 liters)


Anthracite and white standard
Other colors per request

Installation options

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Placed on a flat hard surface (i.e. concrete, plaster or similar)
Levelling options +/-3cm
MultiSpaces can be transported and installed using a standard forklift / pallet trolley or crane

Area of use

Residential multi-apartment
eCommerce click&collect
Parcel lockers

Power Supply

Integrated exchangeable rechargeable battery with lifespan over 5 years
Optional solar charger


Patented DoV (Data Over Voice) technology

ePaper display with QR code and short messages displaying options
Mobile App & Feature phones support


Each parcel compartment illuminated upon opening
Additional light for exterior illumination (optional) Sites

MultiSpaces can be combined along with DockSpaces and single D-Spaces to a virtual parcel locker site
Unlimited number of MultiSpaces / D-Spaces can be used on a single location

Operating conditions

Temperature: -20 to +55 oC
Relative humidity 5 to 100%
UV resistant materials

Certifications and directives compliance

RED 2014/53/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
IEC 62368-1:2014
EN 62368-1:2014 + A 11:2017
EN 303446-1
EN 300 330

All of our Spaces WORK WITH Customer mobile app

  • Central user interface for users
  • Available for IOS, Android and HarmonyOS
  • Activate, control, and manage your home D-Space
  • Share access with your family and friends
  • Redirect parcels, authorize other people to pick it up
More about Customer mobile app Business mobile app

  • Manage D-Spaces in public and community locations
  • A ready-made solution for couriers or any type of handlers (i.e., fulfillment centers) to deliver parcels to lockers, and retrieve the ones not picked up by customers, or the ones customers want to return
  • Mobile interface that serves as a single interaction point for all business users
  • Available for IOS, Android and HarmonyOS
More about Business mobile app Business Portal

  • Home for all your shipments, parcel lockers, and couriers
  • Control and manage parcels delivered to D-Spaces
  • Assign couriers or any type of handlers to deliver parcels to lockers and retrieve them
  • One-stop tool for customer support
  • Instant overview of your parcel business, reports, and analytics
More about Business Portal
Technology icon

Patented Access Technology

  • Anyone can pick up a parcel – with or without a mobile app, with or without registration.
  • Patented Data–Over–Voice (DoV) technology packs a one-time digital token to open D-Space in a sound sequence, which can be served either through the mobile app or via regular phone call.
  • NFC and Bluetooth also supported.

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Integration icon

Any courier, any eCommerce - with or without integration

  • Couriers and logistic companies, virtually anyone can deliver to private D-Spaces using the ”anyone can deliver” method. Simply scan the QR code on D-Space and if the locker is free, initiate the delivery process. No dedicated mobile app or other devices are required.
  • eCommerce using D-Spaces as a Click & Collect solution can start using immediately, with no integration needed. All tools from Business Portal to the Business Mobile app are ready-made and come with D-Spaces.
  • Integration via APIs to optimize processes, especially when the number of parcels, couriers, and D-Spaces grow. Even integration can be done gradually. Integrated with your IT systems brings additional benefits like reservation of spaces, full parcel traceability, as well as reporting and analytics.

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