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Get safe and contactless deliveries.

Used with any mobile phone, no external power or internet connection required.

D-box – Home Supply Station

179,00 € Includes VAT

Free delivery

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Home Supply Station for safe deliveries

Direct4.me is a smart parcel locker and the answer for the modern challenge of safe delivery. Mounted at your house, apartment building, retirement home or company building, it provides safe delivery for everyone - the internet store, couriers and customers


Safe delivery

Your package will be delivered safely, contactless and without.the risks created by the current COVID-19 situation

First attempt delivery

Direct4.me D-Boxes are open for deliveries 24/7 and do not require your presence or coordination with the courier


Simple use

As easy as buying a new pair of shoes online or ordering fresh produce from the local farmer. Use it with or without the app.

Use for everyone

D-Boxes can be utilized for web purchases as well as for local deliveries and can be used by any delivery person as well as by friends, neighbors and others

A D-box for every home

Pick yours

D-box 40

50 x 35 x 25 cm

179 €

Best for cosmetics, makeup, food supplements, smaller tools, toys, books, footwear.

D-box 80

37 x 55 x 43 cm

249 €

Best for footwear, clothing, consumer electronics, fashion accessories, non-food products.

D-box 160

74 x 55 x 43 cm

299 €

Best for household appliances, tools, home accessories.

Benefits for everyone


  • Consumers
  • Logistics companies
  • Online stores
Fast, safe and simple

The only thing neede is a phone. Without a contact with courier and without waiting in line at the Post office

Delivery anytime

D-Box provides for delivery and pickup  at any time, 24/7. Deliveries are successful at first attempt.

Convenient delivery

Easy drop-off for frequent orders and subscriptions. Can be used to exchange things between friends, neighbours etc.

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Totally safe

Deliveries are contactless. Locker is opened by phone and closed with the elbow

Free of charge

Currently all deliveries by any courier are free of charge

No more rerouting

24/7 delivery window provides for delivery schedule optimization. Delivery is successful at first attempt.

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Safe deliveries

No worries about your customers and couriers

No additional charges

Currently all deliveries to Direct4.me lockers are free of charge for all internet vendors.

No limitations

Anyone can deliver to D-Box, not only logistic companies

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How does it work?

Direct4.me enables its users to receive their packages seamlessly and successfully every time. When the logistics company receives the package, the courier is authorized to drop the package by opening the locker with his mobile phone. Due to the current crisis the process has been further simplified and allows any courier to use Direct4.me lockers with or without the app and free of charge.

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Simple use with the app 

As an owner of the parcel locker you need the app to manage the box (activation and access permissions). The app offers you simple and even easier use of the D-box as well as overview of all deliveries and usage. 


Deliveries are possible also without the app, just with the smart phone with working camera.
You don't need to own the D-box to use it, you can use it without the app, since it can be opened just with a phone call. 

Would you also like to have your own safe and contactless supply point? 

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A simple use of Direct4.me Home Supply Station

No external power required (standard AA battery only)

Super easy to mount and activate

No internet connection needed. The locker is using your phone for connectivity and data transfer

Works with any phone



Get safe and contactless deliveries.

Used with any mobile phone, no external power or internet connection required.

D-box – Home Supply Station

179,00 € Includes VAT

Free delivery

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