Temperature Controlled Cool D-Spaces at Parcel&Post Expo in Frankfurt

Direct4.me is supporting unattended home delivery of all items, including temperature sensitive ones such as groceries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Oct 11, 2022

To cope with customers' demands for home delivery on one hand and addressing the efficiency requirements of the last mile industry on the other, there is a need for new infrastructure – one solution that handles it all. Direct4.me is committed to providing a »one solution does it all« infrastructure, stretching from Out of Home to Home, to support the delivery of all items. For that reason, refrigerated Parcel Spaces were added to the already wide range of Direct4.me products – Cool D-Space.

Cool D-Space is a refrigerated Parcel Space with an efficient active cooling system, keeping items in a wide range of -20 to 16oC. As with other Direct4.me Parcel Spaces, it can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand, operated with a mobile app, or even without it. An outdoor Parcel Space can be operated at ambient temperatures of -20 to +55oC, keeping the contents at the desired temperature. Ordering online and home delivery of all temperature-sensitive items such as groceries, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are now as convenient as any other online purchase.

Visit us at Parcel & Post Expo in Frankfurt from October 18 to 20, Booth 2074 to see the Cool D-Space in action.