How does it work

How does Direct4.me work?


No pains and compromises in our equation

Direct4.me enables its users to receive and send their packages seamlessly and successfully every time. Plug and play solution enables installation of the smart parcel box completely without electricity, internet and without installation and maintenance costs. Use of data-over-voice transaction technology generates highly secure delivering process.



Direct4.me process



How does data-over-voice technology work?

Phone number is your ID. Digital sccess keyes are generated for phone number and transmitted over the sound, and reveived by the mic on D-Box for authorizing the access.  

Using our patented data-over-voice / high frequency sound technology system, D-Box owner can create a unique digital sound key for any mobile telephone number. Using a microphone on the D-Box, the authorised person unlocks the locker using their mobile phone.




A digital platform is used to manage and distribute sound keys for D-Box owners, provides traceability for packages, manages personal shopping preferences and ensures health of perishable goods.


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