How does it work?

How does the Direct4.me service and smart parcel locker work?


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Direct4.me enables its users to receive and send their packages seamlessly and successfully every time, even when they are not at home. Plug and play solution enables installation of the Direct4.me D-box completely without electricity, internet and without installation and maintenance costs. Use of data-over-voice transaction technology generates highly secure delivering process.



Direct4.me shopping process



Direct4.me D-box for everyone

Direct4.me Home Supply Station has been conceived for the broad use: in cooperation with Post Slovenia (and very soon with DPD) it is now possible to route the packages to your own individual locker  through the use of the app. Furthermore, during the time of this crisis we developed a new concept that has simplified the use even more and is now possible for any courier or delivery person to use the system without the app and temprarily, also free of charge. 

Parcels by Post Slovenia

When you get a delivery notification (email, SMS) from the Post, re-route the parcel on the MDMI portal (Moja dostava, moja izbira) to Direct4.me D-box of your choice (private or public)

When the package has been delivered to the selected Direct4.me D-box (private or public), you will receive a notification on your phone.

You can open the locker through the app or by dialing a dedicated phone number to open the Direct4.me D-box.

All deliveries

Delivery person scans the QR code of your Direct4.me D-box with his smart phone and follows instructions on the website.

If your Direct4.me D-box is empty, the delivery person can unlock it and drop in your package.

You will recieve a notification on your phone that your package has been delivered. Now you can retrieve the package safely and without a personal contact.

How does data-over-voice technology work?

Phone number is your ID. Digital access key is generated for your phone and transmitted over the sound played by your phone. The microphone on D-Box reads the sound and authorizes the access.  

Using our patented data-over-voice / high frequency sound technology, the D-Box owner can create a unique digital sound key for any mobile telephone number. You can authorize another person to use the locker, as the technology provides for exactly that - the sound played by their phone will have all the necessary data  for the authorized use of the Direct4.me D-box.


Direct4.me platform

A digital platform is used to manage and distribute sound keys for D-Box owners, provides traceability for packages, reduces damages to packages at delivery and enables the delivery of the packages even when user is not at home


Direct4.me apps

Application for Direct4.me smart parcel users:


We are also developing applications that support the entire process of package delivery to individual logistics companies, package installers, production process, etc.

0parcel lockers at 42 safe PUBLIC access points in Slovenia
0D-boxes on 2 points for safe delivery and package returns at online resellers
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0parcel lockers in private use

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