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Direct4.me D-box is a parcel locker that answers the call for safe deliveries in the times of COVID-19 crisis


The Direct4.me solution was born from the desire to eliminate unsuccessful deliveries, calling and coordinating with a courier, notices about missed deliveriy left on the door, waiting in line for a package at the depot. During the crisis we soon realized that Direct4.me D-box is the ideal solution also in the times of self isolation and drastically changed or even totally new conditions on the market and delivery of goods from supplier to the customer.

The team immediately jumped to action and in a week we offered first parcel lockers on the market for common use. The Direct4.me D-boxes and the Direct4.me service are available to every logistics company, couriers and other delivery providers, e-commerce companies and of course, the customers, all free of service charge to use Direct4.me system. Our mission at this moment is to help and assist e-commerce and delivery companies which courageusly perform their work and to customers that are moving from brick and mortar stores to online stores.

We invite you all to join us in the development, implementation and use of the solution, for which we firmly believe that provides for safe deliveries and will help relieve the anxieties of retailers and couriers, which are results of this unprecedented crisis of the modern times.


Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 22, 2020

We are a Palo Alto based startup that partnered with pioneers in DoV (data-over-voice) technology to change the way parcels are delivered worldwide.


At Direct4.me, we believe that every package should always find its way home. We ensure this by connecting e-commerce platforms, logistics providers and shoppers to enable a seamless and convenient shopping experience that always ends with a successful delivery. Doing so, we are bringing value to businesses and their customers around the world.


Management Team


Eduard Bockai


Previously leading growth at CETV, a NASDAQ traded media and entertainment company. Before that director of strategy at BMG NY, A Bertelsmann company.

Tadej Visinski


Tadej is the CTO of Direct4.me taking care of innovative technology for the platform utilising latest approaches in development, implementation and operations. Prior to this, Tadej was an enterpreneur founding several tech companies, working on internet and e-commerce projects in the Middle East, Europe and America.


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Direct4.me, Inc.


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E-pošta: info@direct4.me


Kivi Com d.o.o.

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E-pošta: info@kivi.eu