Overcoming current challenges of parcel deliveries

Safe and free of charge, helping customers and couriers alike.


Providing for the safe, smooth and contactless parcel deliveries. Everytime and for everyone.


Our mission is to help the customers and couriers by creating a safe delivery point. With the Direct4.me Home Supply Station, we are adjusting to the new way of life and at the same time, easing the anxieties that are arising daily from the parcel deliveries. 


The only way to shop during these times is online

We spare you the trouble of waiting for the courier or going to the depot to pick up a package and at the same time enable the courier to deliver comfortably 24/7. The use of the parcel locker is temporarily free of charge for all, the customers and couriers.





Direct4.me shopping process


Safe and contacless delivery for everyone


  • Consumers
  • Logistics companies
  • Online stores
Fast, safe and simple

The only thing neede is a phone. Without a contact with courier and without waiting in line at the Post office

Delivery anytime

D-Box provides for delivery and pickup  at any time, 24/7. Deliveries are successful at first attempt.

Convenient delivery

Easy drop-off for frequent orders and subscriptions. Can be used to exchange things between friends, neighbours etc.

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Totally safe

Deliveries are contactless. D-box is opened by phone and closed with the elbow

Free of charge

Currently there are no additional fees to use Direct4.me

No more rerouting

24/7 delivery window provides for delivery schedule optimization. Delivery is successful at first attempt.

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Safe deliveries

No worries about your customers and couriers

No additional charges

Currently there are no fees to use Direct4.me for your deliveries.

No limitations

Anyone can deliver to D-Box, not only logistic companies

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Start using Direct4.me

Register and together we enter the world of safe, contactless, easy and always successful package deliveries.




Get safe and contactless deliveries.

Used with any mobile phone, no external power or internet connection required.

D-box – Home Supply Station

179,00 € Includes VAT

Free delivery

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Join us with the usage, implementation and development of the solution, which we believe, provides  for safe delivery and relieves the  online stores and delivery couriers of their anxieties created by the biggest crisis of modern times.
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