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Jun, 26

MOU Mall Group

Mall Group and Direct4me have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore investment opportunities of the installation of parcel spaces and provision of a software service using the Direct4me platform to provide a better customer experience to customers in major cities and other destinations in the region.

Major step forward towards a better user experience for parcel delivery

The agreement formalises mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between Mall Group and Direct4me at strategic and working levels, with several objectives in mind:

  • Deployment of the Direct4me platform and parcel spaces as a click and collect points across all Mall Group retail locations in the region, comprising approximately 1100 locations,
  • The development of a joint venture between Direct4me and Mall Group, with the objective of offering premium delivery and other services to the customers of Mall Group and its subsidiaries,
  • exploring the development of public space networks:
    • Enabling all public couriers, including the national postal service (based on the courier agnostic approach), to make deliveries and returns within the public network,
    • Integrating the couriers’ delivery processes with the Direct4me system for the use of parcel spaces.

About MALL GROUP - Leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe


The Mall Group is a leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe with a turnover of over EUR 500 million. The Group includes both generalist shopping galleries and specialized vertical e-shops, which allows The Mall Group to leverage the strength of its positions and integrate a variety of complementary e-businesses. Mall Group operates in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

This alliance will enhance the consumer e-commerce experience and provide new and innovative parcel delivery services

Direct4me’s mission is to help customers and couriers by creating a secure delivery point. With the Direct4me spaces, we are adapting to the new way of life while alleviating the anxiety that parcel delivery creates on a daily basis. Moreover, Direct4me's understanding of the complexities of pick-up and drop-off user experiences, engineering expertise, collaborative approach and proprietary technology (DOV - Data Over Voice, which enables secure unlocking of spaces with a feature phone or even without registration) is a unique addition complimentary to the Mall Group platform.

Mall Group public relations representative said, “The delivery experience has the potential to add extend the value to e-commerce by enhancing the post-purchase experience through easier, safer delivery and simplified returns. Through our partnership with Direct4me, one of the most technologically advanced parcel delivery solutions, we are accelerating this untapped potential in the region.

Miloš Urbanija CEO and major shareholder of Direct4me said, “Signing this MoU partnership agreement with Mall Group, the leading ecommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe, reinforces our commitment to accelerate the delivery experience and market presence in this region. We also look forward to deepening our relationship with new potential customers through our smart parcel delivery spaces and platform.

In the near future, as the parcel delivery sector matures, both parties will take this collaboration to a new level.

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