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Ljubljana, 23. march 2020

New jobs to support those at home.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a network of partners are helping communities in a way that very few can—delivering critical supplies directly to the doorsteps of people who need them.

Pandemic and resulting security measures broke the retail supply chain. Closing shops, restaurants and cafes left customers without supply, suppliers without work and producers without customers. Demand moved online and supply is moving to customer’s doorstep.

“Supplying people at home at scale requires simple infrastructure we have been developing for the US market for a couple of years. Our product is safe, secure contactless supply station where couriers deliver 24/7.” said Zan Urbania of Direct4.me “but we must help our friends, neighbors and community first.”

Closing public markets and social distancing left small producers with no way to sell their products. Subscription models advertised on Bolha.si and home delivery are a logical choice for these producers. Direct to consumer. Field to table. Connecting demand and supply at customer’s doorstep is the basic security and economic imperative today.

Wolt and Glovo are growing at multiple digits and remain the only revenue stream for restaurants and bakeries and the only supply of ready made meals at home.

Žan predicts that soon there will be thousands of independent contractors connecting local producers to supply stations at customer’s doorstep. “We Slovenians are very adaptable. We see teenagers going to pick up groceries for neighbors for pocket money and dropping them off at supply stations. We are partnering with producers and couriers to secure low cost predictable home supply. We have an agreement with Posta Slovenie and DPD in place too.”

Supply station is designed for contactless delivery to home in social distancing situation where you want to keep your privacy. It also works for receiving regular Amazon orders. Your home receives, returns and requests goods.

We have limited supply due to strong US demand but we will set aside a quantity for neigbors with special circumstances. Go to our site and secure your supply station and delivery instructions www.direct4.me, if you are a producer list your offer on www.bolha.si.


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